PAX Mini



PAX Mini

Experience the ultimate solution for all your vaping needs with the PAX Mini. This compact, lightweight vaporizer is a true powerhouse, delivering an outstanding vaping experience in a sleek and sophisticated package.

 Design and Features

The Mini is similar to a PAX 2 but upgraded, featuring an elegant and better-feeling design, bigger and brighter LEDs, and a new 3D screen that is easier to remove and clean. 3000 MAh battery.  The PAX Mini heats up in just 22 seconds and runs over 2 hours on a single charge.

Ease of Use

Perfect for those who are new to vaping, as it is incredibly easy to use. There are no modes or menus to navigate through, simply turn it on, vape, and turn it off. The herb chamber holds 0.25 grams of your favorite herbs, which is perfect for solo sessions. The new wire brush makes cleaning a breeze.

Vaping Experience

More consistent flavor and aroma with a fixed temperature setting that ensures your flower is heated, not burned. The  Mini is designed to deliver the natural terpene goodness of your herbs with none of the harsh smoke. Go ahead, and enjoy a clean and pure vaping experience.

 How to Use

The Mini is incredibly simple to use. Just remove the magnetic oven lid, pack your herbs tightly into the chamber, put the lid back on, and press the mouthpiece to activate the vaporizer. Wait until the LED lights turn green, take small, steady puffs, and enjoy a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. The PAX Mini will enter standby mode when idle, and you can easily turn it off by pressing the mouthpiece.

Portability and Warranty

Take the Mini wherever you go. The PAX Mini is pocket-sized. The magnetic oven lid keeps your stash secure, and the USB charge dock ensures that you can easily charge your vaporizer on the go. The PAX Mini is also backed by a two-year warranty, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case anything goes wrong.


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