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What Our Customers Have to Say


“Very knowledgeable staff, they’re not just trying to get your money, they actually care about they’re customers, grabbed the Mighty vape yesterday”


“They have my cbd needs as well as for vaping. They always have good service and quality for a fair price. Highly recommend. I am a very frequent shopper here and I hope to be for the far future. They also have really awesome glass pieces.”


“I used to be a 2 pack a day smoker for almost 8 years. I wanted an alternative to smoking and my fiancé and I just so happened to be coming home from Walmart when we saw your shop. We decided to go in and we have been customers since than! The guys are very knowledgeable on all the different types of products out there to help stop smoking. We started with a mod with normal atomizers, then when we got more embraced that the vapes were working we when to RDA to build our own tanks. We tried the Juul which was amazing but than the Juno came out and that was an easy lifesaver for me. The last time we visited purepuff I asked about the salt liquid and Jeff was nothing but helpful in this regard. I have no desire what so ever to touch another cigarette in my life because of this amazing shop!”


“So much valuable information! Its comforting to know that our MMP patients are in good hands. Thank you Eric!”


“Darren and Eric recommended one great device. When shopping around for smoke products look no further they have it!”


“The owner is incredibly knowledgeable and extremely generous with it! My first experience with Green Roads CBD oil has been miraculous and they carry a full range of their products. 5 Stars!!”


“I send everyone I know to Purepuff for All of their vapor supplies, they have the knowledge, and selection to help you with anything that they can”

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