NYB THCa Moon Rocks 7g



Elevate Your Experience: The Ultimate Moon Rocks

Discover Unmatched Potency

These THCA Moon Rocks take the cannabis experience to new heights of potency and pleasure. Crafted from premium THCA indoor flower, enriched with a layer of D9 and D8 distillate, and finally coated in a generous layer of THCa crystals  these nuggets promise an intensely strong smoking experience. Designed for those who seek the very best, our Moon Rocks deliver an unmatched intensity that caters to the seasoned enthusiast’s desire for a profound and lasting effect.

A Symphony of Quality Ingredients

At the core of these THCA Moon Rocks lies a commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Starting with top-tier THCA indoor flowers, we enhance each nugget with the dual power of D9 and D8 distillates, amplifying their natural potency. The final touch of THCa crystals adds an extra layer of potency and flavor, ensuring a smooth, rich smoke. Every step in the process is designed to create a product that stands out for its quality, potency, and enjoyment.

Why Moon Rocks Are A Must-Try

Indulge in a smoking experience that transcends the ordinary. Our Moon Rocks are not just a choice; they are a statement of your dedication to quality and innovation in cannabis. Perfect for those moments when only the best will do, these nuggets are a celebration of what happens when passion meets purity. Whether seeking deep relaxation or an uplifting euphoria, our Moon Rocks are your ticket to an extraordinary journey.

Available Strains for an Enhanced Experience

– DosiDos: Known for its soothing effects and sweet, earthy flavor.
– Sour Diesel: Offers an invigorating, energizing high with a pungent aroma.
– Green Crack: Delivers sharp energy and focus with a tangy, fruity taste.


DosiDos COA

Green Crack COA

Sour Diesel COA



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Green Crack, DosiDos, Sour Diesel


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