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Unleash the Power of the Lookah Turtle Vape Battery

Discover Unmatched Performance and Protection

Introducing the Lookah Turtle vape battery, a game-changer in the world of vaping. This exceptional 510 vape battery is designed to elevate your vaping experience to new heights. With its unique features and innovative design, the Lookah Turtle sets itself apart from the competition, ensuring you enjoy every puff to the fullest.

TurtleUnrivaled Design for Unparalleled Protection

The Lookah Turtle vape battery is not just another ordinary battery; it’s a fortress of protection for your precious vape cartridges. The Turtle shell, which inspired its name, wraps around and safeguards your cartridge. Held in place by powerful magnets, it adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your cartridges remain intact during your vaping adventures.

Performance That Leaves You Breathless

Don’t let the name fool you; the Lookah Turtle is anything but slow. Equipped with a robust 400mAh battery, it delivers an impressive punch for a wide range of cartridges, from 0.8 Ohm to 5 Ohm. You can customize your vaping experience with three preset voltages: 3.2V, 3.6V, or 3.9V. Each voltage is represented by a distinct LED light – Blue, Purple, or White – adding a touch of style to your vaping sessions.

Compact and Convenient

Size matters, especially when it comes to portability. The Lookah Turtle vape battery is designed with your comfort in mind. Measuring just 41x24x63mm, it fits snugly into your palm, making discreet vaping a breeze. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing at home, the Turtle ensures that your vaping experience is both stylish and convenient.Turtle Voltage

How to Master the Art of Vaping with the Turtle Vape Battery

Unlock the full potential of the Lookah Turtle with these simple steps:

1. Cartridge Installation
– Remove the magnetic shell.
– Screw in your 510-compatible cartridge.
– Slip the shell back over the cartridge; magnets will secure it in place.

2. Power On and Voltage Adjustment
– To power on the device, press the button five (5) times within 2 seconds. The LED lights will flash three (3) times.
– Adjust the voltage by pressing the button twice (2) within 0.8 seconds.
– Mode 1 (Blue) – 3.2V
–  2 (Purple) – 3.6V
–  3 (White) – 3.9V

3. Vaping Options

– Auto Heat/Session Mode: Press the button three (3) times within 2 seconds. The indicator light will flash pink, and the vape battery will auto-heat for 10 seconds.

– Inhale Activation Mode: The vape will automatically activate and heat the cartridge as you inhale, with a maximum duration of 10 seconds.

– Button Activated: Press and hold the button for up to 10 seconds while inhaling from the vape cartridge.

4. Power Off
– When you’re done vaping, simply press the button five (5) times within 2 seconds to turn off the device.

Turtle Type C Charging

With the Lookah Turtle vape battery, you’ll experience vaping like never before – with style, performance, and protection that set it apart from the rest. Elevate your vaping journey today and enjoy the satisfaction of owning a Turtle that’s fast, fierce, and fabulous.

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