East Fork Cultivars

Introducing East Fork Cultivars!

Their Story

From the outset, East Fork Cultivar founders Nathan and Aaron Howard set a singular objective in motion: the cultivation of top-tier CBD-rich cannabis. Their motivation stemmed from the quest to alleviate the medical conditions afflicting their elder brother, Wesley Howard. Witnessing the positive transformations brought about by CBD-rich cultivars ignited their fervent drive to expand access to CBD and cannabis therapeutics. This journey led them to steward the scenic East Fork Ranch, nestled between Oregon’s East Fork and California’s Siskiyou Mountains.


At East Fork Cultivars, an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, science-based education, and social justice stands as their guiding principle. They relentlessly pursue the development and preservation of sustainable, sun-grown farming practices, yielding genetically diverse, high-quality CBD-rich cultivars.

The East Fork Difference

East Forks’ craft hemp thrives under the Oregon sun, cultivated through regenerative methods, and is meticulously harvested by a fairly paid team. Their dedication extends to community support and backing nonprofits focused on social justice, equity, and sustainability. They have earned the most rigorous hemp certifications available: USDA Organic and Sun+Earth Certified.

Join East Fork in their mission to make a positive impact through responsible cultivation and accessible CBD-rich cannabis. Discover the East Fork Cultivars difference today!

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