CBD Tinctures

CBD tinctures, also called sublingual oils, are a quick, easy, and precise way to dose with CBD. Tinctures will typically take effect much more quickly than an edible due to the body’s ability to absorb the CBD sublingually, directly into the bloodstream via the capillaries under the tongue. This mode of administration gives more bioavailability of the cannabinoids you consume and better cannabinoid receptor coverage. Sublingual tinctures taste great and are easy to travel with and use discretely.

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  1. Shake the bottle well
  2. Squeeze the bulb, on the dropper, drawing in 1 dose, typically 1ml. That’s enough liquid to fill the entire dropper.
  3. Hold dropper steady and squeeze contents under the tongue
  4. Hold the  tincture under your tongue for 30-45 seconds and then wash down with a beverage.
  5. RELAX and ENJOY

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