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    The NugSmasher®

    OG Rosin Extraction System allows beginning users to become an Expert with NugSmasher’s precise methodology, specific bag sizes, giving the user consistent results every time. Extracts up to 14 Grams of flower each smash. One of the first and most prominent Models to put NugSmasher on the map, and rightfully so. The NugSmasher OG is the cornerstone for all of your extraction needs. This model is rated as one of the best sellers in the rosin press industry and embodies the essence of dependability, high yielding results, and ideal pressure performance. When you are looking to step up your solventless extraction experience with a higher volume potential for both smaller and larger scale consumer needs, the OG has you covered. Extremely easy plug and play system will allow you to utilize your OG nearly anywhere with a standard 12v plugin. Featuring upgraded 4 x 4 in. All aluminum 6061 Aircraft grade plates… extracting your own solventless rosin has never been easier, or looked cleaner! With a smash range of any amount up to 14 g’s in a single press, your quantity and output will facilitate fantastic return(s) on your product. The OG is constructed with a brilliant design to maintain pressure consistency, produce constantly, and remain lightweight for its production capabilities. The NugSmasher® OG Key Features include the following; Made out of Solid Structural Steel and 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum, Large 4″ x 4″ Smash Plates, NugSmasher® App with Terp Files, Timer, Yield Calculator, and more, Dual Heating Elements (160W ea), Accurate Digital Temperature Control, 12 Tons of manually controlled pressure, Circuit Protection, Fast Retract Plate Release, Manual Pump Arm, Made in America, Guaranteed for Life, 7 Day Support from the Factory. Compatible with Every NugSmasher® Rosin Extraction Bag. NugSmasher® extraction bags were designed with two things in mind – Quality and Results. These two words embody every product NugSmasher® has to offer with our Micron Bags being your golden ticket to higher yielding, more consistent extractions. We offer a variety of extraction bags with a multitude of micron sizes to choose from. It’s really that simple – Better Bags equals Better Results. Size of the bag determines 2 things: One, how much material you will be extracting in each press. Two, how much pressure you will need to apply to that material to get a consistent result back. NugSmasher Bags come in four different sizes (3.5 Gram, 7 Gram, X Bags, 14 Gram) all available in four different microns (160,120,90,37). NugSmasher® is Designed and manufactured in Lake Havasu City, AZ by PMG COS AZ LLC in our 123,000 square foot factory staffed with experienced engineers, fabricators, designers builders and a full CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM that are available to assist you with any questions or issues 7 Days a week 6AM to 11PM PST. We back each NugSmasher® unit with an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY and offer 100% coverage for life.


    NugSmasher OG Uses NugSmasher’s proprietary rosin press extraction Methodology. Using proper surface area for a consistent extraction everytime. Our 3.5, 7, and 14 Gram bags hold between 2 and 18 grams of cured flower and give a consistent surface area if used properly (BTS) Bottle Tech Style the results simply made rosin from cured flower every time. Remember “Fire in Fire Out” The OG or any machine will not turn dirt into gold.

    Ease of use The NugSmasher OG if used properly, will give you some of the best solventless Rosin/wax/concentrates/isolates ever. We suggest that you watch some of our NugSmasher OG Videos on NugSmasher’s social media channels. Review the owner’s manual and give us a call or chat NugSmasher with any questions, our customer service team at our AZ factory is always available and willing to help answer any questions you may have.

    Hardware in addition to the Fully adjustable Temperature settings with the Accurate Digital Temperature Control and the ease of use you will get started right out of the box with the Nug Smasher OG. You will enjoy the large 4 inch deep by 4 inch wide rosin press plates they have one 160 watt heater in each giving fast even plate heating for your own consistent solventless rosin extractions in the lab or at home. NugSmasher OG has a removable power cord and handle for storage and travel.

    Frame construction is solid 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and American Steel it is engineered with a tongue and groove design and cut to precision with our highly accurate fiber laser machines to eliminate all deflection when extracting the machine has a durable powder coat finish with Stainless steel hardware rubber machine feet, Circuit Protection, Fast Retract Plate Release and Removable Manual Pump Arm makes NugSmasher OG the extractors choice.

    NugSmasher Products are designed and manufactured in one of our two factories located in North America along with life long factory warranties on all our products, a full staff of dedicated customer service team working out of our AZ factory they are available to chat via Nugsmasher call or email 7 day a week from 6am to 11pm PST we are committed to our customers complete satisfaction with our products.

    OG NugSmasher 12 Tons of pressure and removable pump handle
    4”x4”x1.25” heat plates EACH Powered by 160 watt heaters
    Made out of Solid Structural Steel and 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum
    Backed and guaranteed with our True* Lifetime Warranty
    Proprietary extraction method works with 3.5, 7, 14 gram press bags
    Accurate Digital Heat Plate Temperature Control
    Circuit Protection removable 6 foot power cord
    Fast Retract Plate Release with removal guard stop
    Heavy Duty rubber machine feet
    RATED BEST SELLER! over 30,000 sold world wide!
    7 Day a week Factory Customer support 6am to 11pm PST
    Proudly designed and made in the USA
    NugSmasher® “Rosin Made Simple”®