King Palm Flavored Mini 1 Pack



Mini preroll cones are perfect for your on-the-go needs. This comes with a reusable tube for you to carry a single with you safely. Enjoy an ultra-smooth and slow-burning blunt cone that is made from organically grown Cordia leaves.


Naturally Sweet Guava

The taste of our Guava The Great pre-roll cones comes from the terpene-infused flavor capsules embedded in their filter tips. Pop the capsule by pressing the filter between your fingers, and you’ll begin enhancing your dry herb with notes of ripe-tasting guava.

Freshly Tart Apple Flavor

The sweet taste of King Palm’s Green Apple blunt cones lies waiting inside their cornhusk tips. All you need to do is pack your dry herb, firmly squeeze the filter, and relish in newly released notes of ripe, zesty apples. Unleash the flavors at the start of your smoke, halfway through, or towards the end! You decide when to let the apple aromas take over.

 Grape Flavor

King Palm’s Grape HD pre-roll cones offer a sensationally sweet smoking experience. Release waves of fruity notes once you press the filter tip and pop the hidden flavor capsule inside. Lush with notes of ripe grapes, you’ll love how our Grape HD Mini Rolls complement the taste of your natural dry herb.


Slow-Burning Pre-Roll Leaf Cones

Our Grape HD cones are hand-rolled with sustainably grown Cordia palm leaves. Known for their signature slow-burning characteristics, we use Cordia leaves because they offer an exceptionally flavorful, long-lasting smoke.

Cornhusk Filters For Milky & Smooth Hits

The cornhusk filters we pre-insert into our Grape HD pre-roll cones have superior filtration. This means you can take big hits without experiencing any harshness or unpleasant heat from the cone.

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Grape HD, Green Apple, Guava The Great


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