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Embrace the Wild with

Jelly THCA Gummies

30 count | 200mg per gummy

50 count | 200mg per gummy

A Symphony of Berries in Every Bite

Embark on a flavor adventure with Jelly Wild Berry THCA Gummies, where the untamed essence of wild berries meets the serene power of THCA. Each gummy is a burst of mixed berry flavors, capturing the vibrant, tangy, and sweet notes of nature’s finest. This is not just a snack, but an experience, inviting you to delve into the richness of wild berries while embracing the calm and focus that THCA offers. Let each bite transport you to a forest brimming with the treasures of nature, offering a delicious escape to tranquility.

Potent Power, Unrivaled Quality

Jelly THCA Gummies redefine potency with a groundbreaking 6000mg and10,000mg total in each package. Crafted with meticulous attention to quality, these gummies offer a robust wellness experience, delivering a powerful 200mg of THCA in each serving. Not Your Bakery commits to excellence, ensuring that every gummy not only tastes exceptional but also provides a reliable and effective way to incorporate THCA into your wellness routine. With these gummies, potency meets purity in a harmonious blend that promises to enhance your well-being.

Wellness and Flavor: A Perfect Match

Discover the perfect balance between indulgence and health with Jelly THCA Gummies. These gummies are more than a delightful treat; they are a vehicle for holistic wellness, combining the therapeutic benefits of THCA with the irresistible allure of wild berries. Whether you’re seeking to relieve stress, improve mood, or simply enjoy a moment of delicious serenity, these gummies are your ideal companion. They offer a simple, enjoyable way to integrate the benefits of THCA into your daily life, ensuring that wellness is always a delicious bite away.

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