FLYTLAB LIFT Dry Herb Vaporizer


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    Experience the ultimate vaping experience with the LIFT vaporizer.

    The Lift Dry Herb Vaporizer is designed to enhance your vaping experience with impressive features while prioritizing your comfort and ease of use.

    Flyt Lab Lift

    Fully Ceramic Oven and Retractable Glass Lip Piece

    The Lift Dry Herb Vaporizer features a fully ceramic oven with a hybrid heating system that produces pure and flavorful vapor, holding up to 0.6 grams of herb. Furthermore, the device has a retractable glass lip piece that can function as a packing tool and a protective cover for cleanliness. You can also store the glass lip piece inside the device for added protection.

    Lightweight Aluminum Alloy and One-Button Control

    Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy with a clean air path system that avoids all electrical components, the LIFT has one-button control with color coding for ease of use.

    Three-Temperature Settings and Fast Heat-Up Time

    The LIFT has three temperature settings that you can adjust to suit your personal preference.The LIFT takes less than 40 seconds to heat up and once it reaches the desired temperature, it bakes continuously for a full 2-minute session. Alternatively, you can manually shut it off.

    Auto-Shutoff Feature and Long-Lasting Battery

    It has an auto-shutoff feature that cools itself down after 30 seconds of being left unattended to preserve your herbs and prevent battery drainage. The battery provides 13-20 bowls, depending on the temperature, and charges in 2 hours via mini USB.

    Lift Dry Herb VaporizerManufacturer’s Warranty

    A 10-year manufacturer’s warranty backs the LIFT,

    What’s in the Box

    (1) Rechargeable LIFT
    (2) Glass Lip Pieces (1) Silicone Sleeve
    (1) Cleaning Tool (1)  Brush
    (1) Power Plug (1) Mini USB Cable
    LIFT Instruction Manual

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