CBD Gummies For Stress – Full Spectrum + Mushroom



These CBD gummies for stress and anxiety allow you to find zen in this marijuana-meets-mushroom moment.  Deciding to pair full-spectrum CBD and reishi mushroom was anything but stressful, thanks to the scientific research being done on how these earthy wonders help offer relief and release.

CBD 25mg or 50mg: shows promise for its role in promoting relaxation

Reishi Mushroom 50mg: may play a role in decreasing anxiety & depression

THC .75mg or 1.5mg: studies on its role in relieving stress in low doses

Peach Hibiscus: offers a fragrant and juicy wave of relaxation


All Natural Ingredients

Glucose Syrup: A sweetener, thickener & moisture-retaining agent

Allulose: Rare sugar that occurs in fruits like figs & raisins. It’s about 70% as sweet as sugar and has a low sugar content

Organic Cane Sugar: A full-bodied taste & much less processed than white sugar, allowing it to retain the nutrients of sugarcane

Pectin: A naturally occurring, water-soluble fiber & gelling agent found in many fruits & plants

Sorbitol: Preserves moisture and sweetness & provides texture

Citric Acid: Gives a tart, sour taste & is found naturally in citrus fruits

Natural Coloring: Gives the gummy a rich color

Natural Flavoring: Natural fruit-based flavoring

TruSweet: A blend of naturally occurring sugars that balances all flavor profiles

TruClear: An all-natural bitter blocker creating a smooth flavor profile

MCT Oil: Delivers a more clear gummy & less dense, ‘jiggly’ gummy than coconut oil


How to use:

CBD gummies take time to build up in your system and work best when taken consistently. If you’re just starting, we recommend a full 30-days of daily use to gauge effectiveness (at least 14). Dosing is different for everyone, but beginner doses typically range from 10-25mg. Always consult a doctor for medical advice.

Additional information


1500mg, 750mg


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