Glob Mops offers a comprehensive solution for elevating the longevity and appearance of Quartz nails and bangers. The 100% Pure Cotton XL 2.0 Glob Mops have been expertly designed with the discerning user in mind, ensuring that your Quartz products stay in top condition even after multiple uses.

Reasons to Opt for Glob Mops for Quartz Maintenance

Outstanding Cleaning

The tips excel at absorbing any residual hash oil left behind after a low-temp dab, effectively preserving the cleanliness and preventing oxidation of your Quartz nail or banger.

Eco-Friendly Choice

We take environmental sustainability seriously. These Mops feature bamboo sticks, making them an eco-conscious and responsible choice for cleaning your Quartz accessories.

Travel Convenience

With an XL plastic travel case included, these mops are the perfect travel companion. You can take them with you on trips for hassle-free Quartz maintenance anywhere you go.

Versatile Design

The dual-tip design caters to a wide range of cleaning needs. Their flexibility and effectiveness are unmatched in maintaining Quartz products.

Quality Assurance

Crafted with precision in California, U.S.A., Glob Mops undergo rigorous quality control to guarantee top-tier quality and performance.

Key Features:


Glob Mops are crafted from 100% pure cotton, ensuring effective and efficient cleaning with each use.


The extra absorbent 2.0 version ensures a thorough cleaning process, leaving no trace of residue behind.


Featuring a double-ended design. They are user-friendly and make Quartz maintenance a breeze.


Bamboo sticks are used for the mops, emphasizing our commitment to eco-conscious and sustainable practices.


The inclusion of an XL plastic travel case adds to the convenience, making them the ideal choice for on-the-go use.


How do Glob Mops contribute to maintaining Quartz products?

These tips efficiently absorb any residual hash oil, thereby preventing oxidation and preserving the pristine appearance of your Quartz products.

What sets these apart from other cleaning swabs?

The unique bamboo stick design, exceptional absorbency, and dual-tip functionality distinguish Glob Mops, making them a superior choice for effective cleaning.

How is the “Q-tip Tech” used?

Following a low-temperature dab, simply take a bamboo cotton swab and use it to absorb any remaining hash oil from your Quartz nail or banger, ensuring a clean finish.

Are Glob Mops safe for all Quartz products?

Yes, they are specifically designed to be gentle yet highly effective, ensuring they are safe for use with all Quartz products.

Can I travel with Glob Mops?

Certainly, they are conveniently packaged in an XL plastic travel case, making them an ideal companion for your travels and adventures.

Discover the difference and maintain the pristine condition of your Quartz products with Glob Mops. They are a must-have for Quartz enthusiasts seeking quality and convenience.

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